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It was around $2000/lb! I don't own xtr because I have yet to have trouble with xt and I couldn't afford it if I were to brake any of the parts. . XTR race (M9000) brakes are a bit lighter (~150-160g lighter than XT), but you give up the servo wave lever action. 9 vs x. So i asked about using XTR RD. The brake levers look eerily similar to XTR, with XTR. SRAM XO vs. Though Shimano took their time developing an answer to SRAM’s 12-speed Eagle offerings, XTR is a worthy opponent. The Shimano XTR PD-M985 Trail SPD pedal is engineered for the specific needs of aggressive trail riders everywhere, with an open, mud-shedding design and large pedaling platform for ultimate control. May 4, 2017 to a larger cog actually takes more time to do than with Shimano's standard XT drivetrain. Ive been running XT and SRAM x9 for a few years now, and the new stuff from both companies is really fantastic, you cant really go wrong with either. Many OEM bikes started coming with SRAM drivetrains and Shimano brakes. The two new groupsets draw much from last year’s XTR M9100 and we’ve covered all And that my friends is a wrap on the new Shimano XTR drivetrain — for now. More platform, ans supposedly a little better mud-shedding. The XTR brakes are said to be better, as what most bikers claim. Shimano XT By James Sharp and Jon Sharp. Featuring aluminum Ice-Tech cooling fins and durable resin, these pads provide consistent, reliable braking power ride after ride. Time ATAC XC12 vs Shimano XTR Shimano XT BRM8000 Hydraulic Disc Brake Riding comfortably at whiteknuckle speeds requires an unconscious intuitive confidence in your machine. Avid brakes, at the time, had some reliability Weight-wise, there is very little difference between the XT brakes and the XTR trail (M9020) brakes. Try the 520/540 Shimano pedals - less pedal to shoe interface allows the mud to not stack up so much (compared to XT/XTR pedals). Anyhow, I'm curious to hear about your thoughts on XTR vs XT. I've never had a Shimano SPD pedal fail on me in all my years of riding. LuckyCharm4x4 wrote:My bad, I was under the impression that XO vs. Orders $100+ ship free! Deore XT is a mountain and touring bike groupset first introduced by Shimano in 1983. Then they decided to bring a new group which was designed for more extreme use, and most of it was overbuilt to make sure they survived falls and crashes. Premier bikes, bicycle wheels, components, cycling clothing, gear & accessories. There was a one-month period where the XT brakes didn’t see any use. Upon returning to the Shimano setup, the power had dropped right off and the brakes were noisy. We’ll be posting more as soon as we get some ride time. If you want to run an 11-42 cassette with your XTR 1×11, then the weight difference drops to just 180g. Beyond the bleed issues that we hit with the XT brakes, we also encountered one other anomaly. The xtr of 6 yrs ago that you had are inferior to the xt of now as the xt of now is trickled down xtr from a few years ago. Both Shimano and SRAM have groupsets to cater for all levels, and the manufacturing quality is equally the best going around. Shimano products include a variety of All in all, Shimano’s new XTR brakes are impressive in terms of design and performance, even if they have some catching up to do in what regards grams. Shimano Deore XT PD-T8000 SPD Trekking MTB Bike Bicycle Track Pedals Set Clipless 9/16" SM-SH56 Cleats Retail Package. A reliable brake with tons of power, many bikes from high end to low end started to rock the Shimano XT brakes. Shimano XTR. Mating an XT rear derailleur or even an SLX model to an XTR rear shifter  SRAM sucks and is just as corporate as Shimano, go Shimano. XT pedals are 33g heavierwhich is nothing. SRAM’s advantage over the Shimano XTR Di2, is the fact that it’s a 1X12 setup with a brilliant gear ratio. May put one on my mtn bike as well. PROS: Precise Shifting Page 1 of 5 - XT vs. XT M8000 vs XTR M9000 Shifter & Derailleur I'm ready to make the jump to 11 speed Shimano and I'm curious, in your collective opinion NSMB, is the jump to XTR Shimano XT Di2 - Double Header Review. I never wanted to be a shimano guy but durability and performance is there- I was disapointed with the XX cassette (did not last long- and it was well maintained for the record), shifting was fast but the feel was not as good as XTR and carbon cranks I do not think are the Love this XT mech! This 9 speed RD hifts great with shimano 10 speed road shifters on my cross bike build. The sensible workhorse of the Shimano pedal line up SHIMANO XT/XTR METAL VS. I still have my first pair of M520's. If they have to make a  May 30, 2019 Shimano brings 12-speed to its XT and SLX mountain bike last year's 12- speed XTR M9100 groupset and, by Shimano's own admission, . Same can be said of x. >>View all Shimano Deore XT Di2 (M8050) components<< Deore XTR (M9000) The top of the range mountain bike groupset from Shimano, Deore XTR takes full advantage of all the firm’s off-road component innovations. Shimano tried to get ahead of the curve by introucing Di2 electronic shifting in XTR and XT trims, but these groups didn't gain much traction or spec, and now SRAM has blown the lid off that niche with the wireless AXS group. The cassettes and chainrings come to mind. Nuevos grupos Shimano XT y SLX 2020 Los importantes retrasos con el nuevo Shimano XTR tienen una explicación SRAM compra PowerTap, la marca de pedales con medidor de potencia integrado Conoce todos los detalles del Shimano XTR de 12v en un solo vídeo Shimano XTR M9100 ReviewBest Clipless Mountain Bike Pedal ReviewShimano XTR M9100 vs Crank Brothers Egg Beater 3 Best Lightweight XC Mountain Bike Pedal Review Apr 17, 2015 Everything you need to know about the new Shimano XT - the brand new M8000 11-speed groupset. May 26, 2018 Much like recent generations of XTR and XT, Shimano is launching the new . So i must admit this is a bit strange. The free wheel screws onto the external threads of a hub. Shimano XT M8100 and SLX M7100 highlights Are Shimano’s SLX and XT mountain bike groupsets 12-speed? That both of the groupsets have moved to a 12-speed drivetrain is, of course, the big news. Shimano XTR groupset Not to further bring up an old post, but since searching for xt vs xtr pulls this baby up, thought i'd throw in my 2 cents. It requires knowing that whatever conditions you come across your brakes will be ready and able to deliver reliable control in any situation. Sale $149. New XTR. Shimano announced the release of the completely redesigned XT M8000 group today, which borrows numerous technologies from XTR M9000, including 11-speed shifting for single, double and triple chainring setups, and features a new 11-42-tooth cassette. New XTR M9100 Series brings the most versatile groupset for XC, enduro and marathon SRAM GX vs. This is the pinnacle of the Shimano MTB range. The frame of a bicycle is it's backbone. The bearings are also wider apart on the XTR pedal. Shimano sells cycling, fishing and rowing equipment to "promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us," according to the company's mission statement. Weight differences of a M9000 vs M9050 build Shimano XT Di2 groupset. 0. 5. I "think" the XTR race brakes don't have the servo wave technology like the XTR trail and XT. Got lucky and aligned it perfectly by eye right out of the box. Each pad set includes two pads, spring, and retaining clips for installation on one brake caliper. The old M970 9-speed groupset is largely similar to XT, but with extensive use of lighter materials. For a full list of weights and prices, visit the Shimano XTR Website. So what is the weight penalty? Well, if we look at a 1×11 XTR vs XT setup (excluding brakes), then the weight penalty is about 290g. But Shimano just announced a new version of the XT which integrated many of the same features. Shimano vs SRAM 12-Speed Cassette Comparison already hoping many of M9100's features trickle down into the XT and SLX groups. Don't think I will ever get the XTR's when the XT's are this good. While this combination will not produce the most cohesive looking build, I think you will love the performance. SLX: Better or just more expensive? - posted in Tech Q&A: OCD getting the better of me, I decided to upgrade my front derailleur to Shimano XT since everything else on my drivetrain is XT (also recently upgraded the shifters). Then you have the XT and XTR levels that are the more expensive, higher level brakes. SHIMANO XT/XTR METAL VS. com. crankset shimano xtr pedals shimano xtr m9100 bmc shimano xtr 12 speed shimano xt brakes shimano Amazon. In the House: Shimano’s 11-speed XTR vs. SHIMANO XTR PD-M9120 SPD Pedal, Without Reflector, Includes Cleat, Black, One Size. That group was designed for racing, and it still is. Compared to the two higher-end groups, it uses fewer exotic materials and lower-order finishes. We saw 12 speed XTR last year and now it is the turn of Shimano’s original groupset, XT, and the Here it is. Brake designers tirelessly test different pad compounds and materials to ensure you’re getting the most out of your stoppers. Still, this shoudn’t be a concern, since an ultra-light component isn’t exactly the most durable, and for sure it doesn’t show the wallet too much mercy. I've always had Shimano pedals since I started MTBing in the 90s. Previous I've owned a set of XTR M985, XTR M9000 and XT M8000 and all three have been plagued with shifting bite points all of them sent brakes to shimano on Yes Shimano has introduced two fitting kits – I-Spec-II for new XT and XTR brakes and I-Spec B-type for the previous generation Shimano brake levers. The only downside however is, you got it ‘“ the pricey cost. Minor differences really but the XTR pedal is only a little bit pricier than the XT pedal. The T8000 hydraulic brake levers employ a long blade so you can enjoy the additional power of two or three finger braking. It has consistently given a premium level of performance and build quality at an attainable price for most riders and has the latest As an avid biker, you know that when it comes to replacement parts you cannot do much better than a Shimano XTR cassette. And again if you want to learn about the other new XTR products, check out this post on brakes and this post on hubs, pedals, and more. I'll update the title. It was Shimano's first mountain bike groupset, based on their existing Deore touring groupset, and it consisted of a triple-, double- or single chainring crankset, front and rear derailleurs, handlebar-mounted "finger" shifters, cantilever brakes, and large-flange hubs. This was due to the fact Shimano deny all warranty or anything really if we do Shimano - Manuals & Technical Documents Refresh your confidence in braking and overall speed control with Shimano's XTR/XT (J02A) Resin Disc Brake Pads. 0 out of 5 stars 1. It dictates the ride characteristics, but without the componenets--the shifters, the brakes, derailleurs, cranks, etc--it's only so much wall art. The DEORE XT M8000 rear derailleur features Shimano’s pioneering Shadow RD + technology and a refined geometry for increased stability. Shimano XT for sale at The Colorado Cyclist. RESIN PAD COMPOUND TEST. I've seen lots of posts about XTR play, but not a lot about play on the the shifters are slightly better (XTR vs XT) but I rate the XT mechs as better. Lightweight, strong and filled with technology, Shimano XTR is the most crisp, efficient and consistent gear choice on the market. Page 1 of 4 - XT vs XTR vs X01 vs XX1 - posted in Buyers Guide: Hi there everyone! I want to upgrade my current mtb groupset and yes as always weight plays a big role. Easy to clip int, nice satisfying clunk, and out. 27 years of development and we’re right back to where it all started, introducing the ultimate MTB race components. There are currently two distinct XTR groupsets, the M970 group in 9-speed and the new 10-speed M980 groupset. Designed to meet the highest level competitive mountain bike racing needs with a second to none performance and experience. Top line highlights of new Shimano XTR include a 510% wide range 10-51 cassette, smooth Hyperglide+ i'd go XT over XTr on most the gear except the shifters, the better shifters normally give you a sweeter shift, if your a weight weeny type then go for XTR but other than that Xt, better vfm, Great kit, quite a weight difference over slx too! Find great deals on eBay for shimano xtr. It’s my experience that Shimano XT brake calipers are the business too, if you indeed wanted hydraulic disc brakes on your touring bike. Choosing modulation over sheer power. Maybe 40g at most for the set. Currently running Shimano XT 1x11 and Simano XT brakes. Shimano had the 'standard' line for mountain bike, which was Deore, LX, XT and XTR. To learn more about the new Shimano XTR drivetrain, head to www. I have a pair from the late 90's that still sees regular use and works just fine, and that's a pretty common story. The bottom line is that  Our guide to Shimano mountain bike groupsets from Deore to XTR. View Shimano’s manufacturing technologies, enthusiasm for design and craftsmanship, IR information, recruitment information, and social activities. I don't want to get XTR again if they'll develop play. ShimanoXT BL-M8020 4 Piston Disc Brake. ridextr. Shimano’s first foray into the 12-speed mountain bike drivetrain world, the new XTR M9100 group is a ground-up redesign that aims to directly compete with SRAM’s wildly popular Eagle set-up. 0 2. Whether Sram, Shimano or whatever, they all shift and they shift well. SRAM GX vs. The Shimano company began in the early part of the 1920s and the founder got his start building free wheel components. Which therefore, gives way to an extraordinary performance from its rider. If that holds true for the new 9*** and XT series, I would certainly expect a little more power (and weight) on the trail versions. 4. Inside is a new Optislick cable, which apparently provide a 20% decrease in shift effort. A paragon of performance, the XT mountain bike group has served mountain bikers dutifully since its introduction in 1983. Shimano has Alivio, Deore, XT and XTR componentry ranging in order from lowest to highest quality. The caliper is based off of previous designs, but is updated with XT level technology. I've got XT/XTR on my Kona and it works great, my Lappierre has only got SLX but I don't ever notice a difference in the function but as above I'm sure it's a bit heavier. The power and control of the Trail brakes are well documented, but we’ve never had a chance to put the Race version through its paces, until now. It’s now been two years since Shimano first brought their Di2 electronic shifting to the mountain bike universe, during which time we’ve all become more accustomed to the presence of battery power on our bikes – electronic suspension lockouts and dropper seat posts, plus power meters and of course GPS units, plus other gadgets, are improving […] The XTR M9000 pedal has a little better mud clearance than the XT M8000 because the spindle shaft is narrowed on XTR. Shimano need to step up their cassette game and The all-new Shimano XTR M9000 group launched last April but has only recently started shipping, both on complete bikes and as separate components through the aftermarket channels. Best Answer: Hone is actually out of the market. 5 5. My XTr wore out in no time whereas the XT has been more robust. Orders $100+ ship free! Welcome to the Shimano official corporate website. The XT 1×11 shifter gets a dimpled long sweep up shift lever and a grooved release lever. This new direct-mount-style front derailleur was first introduced with the XTR group two years ago and has now trickled down the Various single cogs to fit Shimano XT and XTR cassettes Shimano XT & XTR Individual Cassette Cogs XT M760 9sp 11T Cog For AQ-Group. / Shimano XTR mechanical vs XTR Di2 Mike has a 11-46 Shimano XT cassette lying around somewhere, and I’ll be interested to try that extended range beyond the 11 Topping out the Shimano mechnical groupset collection, Shimano XTR has long been the company’s signature groupset, on which the fastest racers on the globe have won countless races. In terms of the shifters and derailleur at the rear, the XTR class is said to be a lot smoother than the XT. As with most components in the Shimano stable, XT gets trickle-down features from the  May 30, 2019 When Shimano released its new 12-speed XTR group to the world last year, everyone was excited to have a competitive 1 X 12 drivetrain from  May 25, 2018 Remember when the first XTR came out? It was XT with an R, for Race. To address complaints, Shimano also made the brakes a bit less grabby, which is instantly noticeable. The road bike hierarchy goes from Shimano 2300, to Sora, Tiagra, Shimano 105, Ultegra, and up to Dura-Ace. To sum it all up the best bang-for-the-buck 10-speed XTR build would be an XTR rear shifter, SLX or Deore front shifter, XTR front derailleur, SLX rear derailleur, XT cassette, SLX crank, and XTR chain. As pioneers of the world’s first dedicated MTB groupset, we’ve set a new benchmark in performance. They seem to give more stopping power compared to the XT version. 2 out of 5 stars 42. Take a look at the spreadsheet below for the full weight comparison of XT and XTR Di2. Now it’s your turn to Make Your Mark. Would the same advice apply to buying a new drivetrain today concerning SLX vs XT components? Not sure if there have been changes to the SLX/XT groupsets since you posted this. more are answered in our dedicated Shimano SLX M7100 vs XT M8100 article! We look at the hierarchy of Shimano's mountain bike groupsets: Acera, Alivio, Deore, SLX, Deore XT, Deore XTR and Deore XTR Di2, as well as Zee and Saint. XT vs XTR, I never saw the extra weight savings as worth the cost, and some XTR stuff is so ultralight, it suffers from a shortened lifespan. With some use the rear brake came good again but the front did not. I'll address these seperately as they are very different groupsets. The XTR brakes, when compared with the XT brakes, have finer machining in some areas and are lighter due to use of carbon and titanium pieces. I ordered my bike as a custom build. Shift smoothly across everything from steep, rock-strewn trails to smooth-buffed XC loops with the Shimano XT CS-M8000 Cassette. It’s really a tough decision what to go with if you’re considering XTR vs XX1 as both have their merits. Shimano has several sub-categories under those banners as well. Again, they borrow from XTR and share the same clamp, one-piece master, and matching lever blade. FIRST RIDE Shimano XT and SLX Launch. The tech behind Shimano’s flagship groupset, XTR, gradually trickles down to lower levels. The biggest differences in summary are as follows: – XTR’s Cassette uses a 40t max cog, has a smooth transition between the 35 to 40t and is a traditional cassette that is backwards compatible with current 10 speed cassette carriers Shimano XT M8000 vs SLX M7000. The CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels last longer and have   Jun 22, 2017 Ease of Entry Rating 0. 99 $201. IMG_8423 Brake designers tirelessly test different pad  Feb 14, 2019 That's where Shimano's new XTR M9100 drivetrain fits in, and it which will likely replace HG as XTR tech trickles down through XT, SLX, etc. To be honest my experience with Shimano gear is that it all works very well it just gets lighter as it gets more expensive. Shimano Iron Works was established in 1921 and incorporated in 1940. M540's weigh 10g more than M8000 (XT), they're a great deal considering. Here’s the process of stripping down Imogen Smith’s Norco Revolver 29 FS from a 1×11 Shimano XTR M9000 build, using an 11-42 XT cassette, 67g rotors and M9020 trail brakes – before rebuilding it with a full Shimano XTR 2×11 M9050 build. The Shadow RD + is also now more easily adjustable for either maximum stability or lower shift effort. XTR was more suitable. (check out our first look right here) Here’s an update on how it’s faring so far… The Detail The new XT brakes are a huge improvement, both in looks and power delivery. Way before these current Shimano XT (M8000) Brakes, the Deore XT groupset from Shimano has always been a benchmark level of kit from the late 80s to the present day. @AaronChamberlain I’m getting ready to purchase new Shimano 1×11 drivetrain to replace a 3×9. Developed by the fastest mountain bike riders from the cross-country and enduro riding scene, Shimano XT M8050 Di2 brings high performance seamless shifting to a whole new group of trail riders at a far more affordable and accessible price. It boils down to personal preference. NB: the series number is important, it denotes it’s the latest version of the Shimano introduced the XT BR-M8020 4-piston disc brakes at the 2017 Eurobike. Whether you're overhauling your trail bike's chewed-up cassette or converting to a 1x11 drivetrain, this 11-speed cassette shaves precious grams while standing up to abuse on the trail with its mixture of lightweight aluminum and robust steel cogs. com: Shimano Xtr Pedals. Yep, that’s it. Our Item # 9651-20930. 9926%  Apr 3, 2017 The chainset is the very heart of the transmission and the XTR crank has Shimano use a specific bolt pattern (as they do with XT and their  Improving the performance of Shimano's XT and XTR 11-speed rear derailleurs is easy with our pulleys. Shimano XTR; Shimano XT I have been a SRAM guy since the SRT-500 was slapped on every pros bike back in the early 90'still about 2 years ago. XT was adequate and XX vs. But the dealer refused to build like this. We’re excited to put the two head to head in a long-term review to truly decide who comes out on top. The Shimano Deore and SLX are their lower level and less expensive 2-piston brakes. The XT's are pretty much lighter 520's or 540's which is a good thing. Shimano’s advantage over the SRAM XX1 Eagle drivetrain, is that its electronically controlled, giving way to drivetrain efficiency. I love how easy it is to get in and out of these pedals and how well they shed dirt. The 342 euros saved can be turned into a new set of wheels or a new suspension fork, not necessarily from this season, previous models probably having now lower prices. Shop with confidence. @bikerboy13 with the drivetrain components, it varies a little bit more. - LX works just as well, don't waste money on XT or XTR. way to how Shimano improved durability with their 11-speed vs. Dec 16, 2015 There is no doubting the performance of Shimano's top of the line . Shimano XT Two workhorse drivetrains go shift to shift, gram for gram When it comes to building a new bike, riders have limited options when it comes to component selection. 9 vs. 10-speed Deore Eric McKeegan — December 3, 2014 After a first ride on the new XTR at the Orbea Oiz launch this summer , we’ve been impatiently awaiting for the XTR groups to become available. I think the new XTR group looks awesome! The price not so, so I’ll wait a couple of years till it “trickles” down to the XT and or SLX groups. This fight is far from over. SRAM X. The Shimano XT T8000 Groupset Should be Available in September 2016. The Shimano mountain bike line runs from the entry-level SIS products, to Tourney, Altus, Acera, Alivio, Deore, SLX, Deore XT, Zee, Saint, and finally XTR pro-level components. SLX is positioned in Shimano’s mountain bike line just below XTR and XT, but above Deore. A guy just showed a Cannondale bike is factory built with XT RD and R785 shifter. The difference between the two lies in a slightly lighter XTR spider that's reserved for gram-obsessed racers. Larger Platform helps a bit if you are not clipped By Eric McKeegan The Trail version of Shimano’s excellent XTR stoppers gets all the attention, but there is a Race version that deserves some attention as well. Functionally, XT SM-RT86 Disc Brake Rotors stop equally in comparison to Shimano's apex XTR line. The new XTR pedals are totally redesigned. That's because of IceTech, a shared technology on both models. I actually considered trying 1*11. Shimano's SPD pedals at all levels have ridiculous service life. Buy Shimano XTR M9020 Trail Brakes online or shop all from CompetitiveCyclist. The latest Shimano SLX transmission looks absolutely stunning though – much nicer than the benchmark XT kit, and nearly as good as the card smouldering XTR race groupset. Let the drivetrain wars begin. com. Shimano XT. 🙂 is race face turbine equal to shimano xtr, race face or xtr crank set, race face turbine crank vs shimano xt, race face turbine crankset 2001, race face turbine vs deore xt, race face turbine vs shimano xt, race face tutbine vs xt, review raceface triple crank from 2002, turbine cranks vs next lp cranks, xt vs turbine SRAM GX vs. The XT Di2 comes in double- and single-chainring options with the single-ring cassette stretching from 11-40T to 11-46T. 0 7. was between XTR mech vs XT Di2 and I don't Shimano has today launched 12-speed versions of XT and SLX, its second- and third-tier mountain bike groupsets. Close. We’ve covered the tech details for the drivetrain here and the new Race/Trail brakes here, and now we’ve got hands Total price: Shimano Deore XT will set you back 626 euros, while Shimano Deore only claims 284 euros from your wallet. That I worked out the extra cost to upgrade to xtr and how much a pound of weight would cost from shimano with the upgrade from xt to xtr. A few days after the launch of the new Shimano XTR M9100 at 12V, a handful of questions arose: what are the differences between the new XTR and the current SRAM Eagle groups, which already on the market for a couple of years and are widely used by many mountain bikers? Other than play, I've been happy with them. Shimano’s named and numbered proper mountain bike groupsets for XC/trail/enduro riding. Browse the Shimano XT Di2 range at Chain Reaction Cycles. 5 DMR V-Twin Shimano XTR M9020 Trail Shimano M520 Shimano Saint SPD M820 Shimano Deore XT  Jul 26, 2018 Shimano made major improvements to their XTR drivetrain, hubs, brakes, and more. Here it is. Coming up with a 1×12 system seems fairly trivial compared to designing an electric drivetrain. (At least that was the case with the old 98* series). Just about one year ago, Shimano invited us to the mountains of Crested Butte, Colorado to experience a newly redesigned 12-speed XTR groupset. Best way to upgrade? *XTR *XO1 *XX1 Please share thoughts and is it worth spending that extra money for better groupset? While XTR’s premium price puts it out of reach for many riders, everyone should pay attention to the new XTR because of Shimano’s well-established practice of trickling down the major features Shimano XTR Groupset for sale at The Colorado Cyclist. Words by Chili Dog Photos by Paris Gore, Sterling Lorence, Chili Dog. Shimano XT brakes set a benchmark for hydraulic brakes a few years ago when they released the XT Deore M780 series. SHIMANO XT/XTR M775 Disc Brake Pads. XT and XTR drivetrains are crazy cheap right now, especially if you order online from one of the UK retailers. Shimano's engineers have continued to innovate and build products that match the rapidly evolving sport of mountain biking. Do you know the difference between XTR and Deore? Eagle and GX? Read this easy to use guide all about mountain bike groupsets. It is made for Trail or E-MTB riders who need more braking power and modulation, which is exactly what I was looking for. And don’t forget, Shimano has an electric MTB drivetrain, and SRAM still does not. shimano xt vs xtr